Home Security – a Matter of Importance

Home Security – a Matter of Importance

April 19, 2019 0 By Anthony Ekanem

The importance of home security cannot be over-emphasized. It has been reported that a burglary happens about every 15 seconds. As such, the chances of your own home being at risk of a break-in are greatly increased, and it does not matter where you live in the world. 

When people think of a break-in, they think of someone gaining entry into their home through breaking some glass or smashing down doors.  Yet, there are certain things which could actually extend an invitation to those intruders to make an attempt at getting into your home.

There are many places which are vulnerable to attack by an intruder to your home, and therefore you must set up a routine which will provide them with less opportunities of attempting to break in. Below are some of the weak areas in your home security routine which could help to prevent a break-in from occurring:

1. The Keys

You may think it is a great idea, but lending keys to family and friends, as well as those people who carry out work in your home, greatly increases the chances of your keys being placed in the wrong hands.  Although the people you leave the key with might be completely trustworthy, you cannot control where the keys are, once they are out of your hands, and the chances of their being duplicated are greatly increased.  So, it is important that you think deeply about whom you are leaving your keys with.  Also, never place your keys in those “secret” places outside the home, as a smart burglar may know exactly where to look for them.

2. The Locks

Those doors which have handle locks are very easy for a burglar to get into, as all he requires is a plastic credit card.  Therefore it is best if you install good quality deadbolts to all entry points (doors) into your home.

3. The Doorways

Although you may have installed a very good lock to your front or back door, they are only as effective as the actual strength of the door itself.  Unfortunately, the weakest area around any door is where the lock is located, and this is especially true for wooden doors.

4. Sliding Patio Doors

These security doors have several distinct disadvantages to them when compared to other doors.  The main reason is that they come with much less sophisticated locks on them.  There are even some much older models which, unfortunately, can be easily lifted off the tracks that they run on and provide any intruder with a way of gaining easy access to a home.

5. The Windows

Windows which are left open and unattended, not only provide intruders with access, but they allow them to quickly view what is available to them.

6. Gardens

Both shrubbery and trees provide a way of allowing intruders to gain access to your property. Not only do they provide ideal coverage, but can also provide them with ways to gain access to your home easily and quickly.

How Secure is Your Home?

Everybody thinks that their home is secure.  Most homes are now fitted with good quality doors and windows which have good quality locks and bolts upon them.  Often when we are going out in the evening, we will draw the curtains and leave a few lights on to give the appearance that there is someone in. However, there are occasions when it is still light as you are going out, that you decide not do this, and this unfortunately is when you are providing an opportunity to any would-be burglar to gain access to your home.

Often, a would-be intruder, rather than trying to gain access through the front door as they are likely to be seen by your neighbours, will try to gain access to your property at the back.  Unfortunately, it will only take them a few attempts, and they can actually gain access to your home very quickly without your neighbours becoming aware that anything has occurred. 

When this type of break-in occurs, then the burglar will only take things that are easy to carry, and in most cases can be placed inside a pillowcase.  Generally, they will often only steal much larger items like TV’s, DVD players and stereos if they feel that they have enough time and are not likely to be spotted any time soon. 

Therefore, it is wise that whenever you leave your home for any length of time, both during the day time, and at night, that you make sure everything is secure, and nothing can be seen which is likely to tempt the burglar to try to gain entry to your property.

Also, if you are having any work carried out on your home, it is not wise to leave the work men alone at the home.  I know the majority of workmen today can be trusted, but there are going to be occasions when the company you are using are new to you, and you have no idea with regard to the people that they employ.  Therefore, when having work carried out on your home, arrange for either yourself or a partner or a close friend or family member to supervise them while they are in your home.

Unfortunately, a lot of people today will often arrange to install a burglar alarm or home security system after an intruder has gained entry to their property.  This is a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.  It is therefore important that you start looking at ways to improve your home security to ensure that you do not just become another statistic. It is also important to have a homeowner’s/householder’s insurance to protect your property, just in case your home security measures fail.